The Chronicle (Business Office)

Duke University

1517 Hull Avenue

Box 90858

Durham, NC 27708

The Chronicle (Editorial Office)

301 Flowers

(919) 684-2663

Chrissy Beck, General Manager

(919) 684-0372

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Board of Directors

The non-profit corporation Duke Student Publishing Corporation, Inc. was established in 1994 to provide an independent structure for the student media operations serving the Duke University campus. The corporation is governed by a board of directors primarily composed of former Chronicle editors.

Marcus Benning ‘14

Chris O’Brien ‘91

Ann Davison ‘86

Leigh Dyer ‘92

Nina Gordon ‘80

Jon Hilsenrath ‘89

Peggy Krendl, chair ‘94

Scott McCartney, vice chair ‘82

David Morris ‘92

Danielle Muoio ‘15

Jaime Pessin ‘01

Lindsey Rupp ‘12

Carleigh Stiehm ‘16

Eugene Wang ‘10