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Each year hundreds of students make 301 Flowers their second home. In 301, I found my calling, my friends, and the most fulfilling work I did on campus. The Chronicle made my Duke experience, and I can’t think of a better organization to support. — Sanette Tanaka ‘12

It has happened every fall for 116 years. A group of individuals drawn together by a common interest becomes a team driven by a single cause. Strangers become friends for life. The daily grind, punctuated by periodic catastrophes and triumphs, crystallizes into cherished memories. Along the way, beginners grow into skilled writers and editors, leaders are born and outstanding news is delivered to phones and computers everywhere – day after day. It’s The Chronicle experience.With more than 300,000 monthly visitors to its website, The Chronicle serves a vital role. In a world in need of good, fair journalists, The Chronicle is an important contributor.

With the rise of digital media, The Chronicle needs to do much more today – expand and diversify revenue, draw new readers, and convert fully to digital-first real-time reporting. We must make significant investments in the short term and establish a steady source of supplemental income over the longer term for scholarships, internships and other expenses not directly related to daily publishing. And we must fund it ourselves - The Chronicle has been financially independent from Duke for 25 years to better serve our readers. We remain a student organization on campus but we now pay our way (rent and maintenance) and we will further preserve our independence through these campaigns.

Students’ editorial and management experiences at The Chronicle will help them drive innovation locally, nationally and globally as alumni. With training in all types of media, Chronicle staffers will continue to be nimble, thoughtful and relevant communicators. And we, as alumni and friends of The Chronicle, will have done our part to keep the organization strong in this digital century.

100+ students creating content, 300,000 monthly visitors, 400+ engaged alumni, 150,000+ twitter followers, 25+ students in business office

Annual Fund

The Chronicle Experience (Annual) Fund raises over $100,000 annually to directly support line items in our operating budget. This protects cuts to important annual editorial expenses such as training, internships, scholarships and travel to cover important stories. Your gifts also support The Chronicle’s digital first transformation focusing on innovation and technology.

Thank you for your ongoing generosity.

Types of Gifts

Checks or credit cards: Please make checks payable to The Chronicle or Duke Student Publishing Company, Inc. You can use a credit card to make a one time gift or to set up monthly gift payments.

Matching Gifts: If you or your spouse’s company offers a matching gift program, the company can match a gift to Duke Student Publishing Company/The Chronicle.

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Securities: We have a separate charitable account set up to accept these gifts. Please contact Chrissy Beck for transfer instructions and to receive additional information.

Pledge: You can contribute on a personalized schedule, payable up to three years. We will send reminders and receipts as needed.

Planned Giving - Bequests through will or trust: You can do this by simply asking your attorney to add a few words into your will or trust document. You retain complete control of your assets throughout your lifetime, and can adjust your gift as your circumstances change. Please contact Chrissy Beck if you would like sample bequest language.

Donor Advised Funds: You can utilize your Donor Advised Fund to recommend gifts to Duke Student Publishing Company/The Chronicle.