Types of Gifts

Checks or credit cards: Please make checks payable to The Chronicle or Duke Student Publishing Company, Inc. You can use a credit card to make a one time gift or to set up monthly gfit payments.

Matching Gifts: If you or your spouse’s company offers a matching gift program, the company can match a gift to Duke Student Publishing Company/The Chronicle.

Stocks, Mutual Funds, Securities: We have a separate charitable account set up to accept these gifts.

Pledge: You can contribute on a personalized schedule, payable up to three years. We will send reminders and receipts as needed.

Bequests: You can name Duke Student Publishing Company/The Chronicle in your estate plans.

Annual Fund and Next Generation Campaign

The Chronicle Experience (Annual) Fund looks to raise approximately $75,000 annually to directly support line items in our operating budget; this protects cuts to important annual editorial expenses such as training, internships, scholarships and travel to cover to important stories. Without this support, we would have to consider cuts that impact the student experience.

The Next Generation Campaign is a limited-time major gifts effort to raise $500,000 by the end of the 2017 academic year; this campaign supports investment in our digital-first transformation with a focus on supporting innovation, technology and enhancements to the student experience.

Both development efforts support students directly - while advertising sales support professional salaries and production of the print edition.

In summary, the annual fund allows us to sustain our current investment in our students and the major gifts campaign allows us to grow. In some instances, they will support the same thing but in different ways; for example - training. Contributions to the Chronicle Experience Fund allow us to commit to the annual Susan Tifft training (bringing in alums in the journalism field for upper masthead training) while gifts to the Next Generation Campaign allow us to look beyond that to bring in additional speakers, consider topical conferences and invest in training consultants as needed.